Thursday, 18 July 2013

Man 32 Caught Having Sex With A Plastic Raft! Chineke!

Edward Tobertga has been caught for the 5th time having sex with a rubber raft! A neighbour called the police in Hamilton after spotting Edward 32 completely naked and bonking away at the raft. He has been charged with felony; public indecency. Prosecutors have told him to expect to spend time behind bars because 2 years ago he was caught bonking the same blow up raft!(he may be married to the raft o) His grand mom says he has mental issues and have always been facinated by plastic. Yesterday it was a woman with her dog, today a man with plastic raft; Ok o, we hear! (sips coke and chews Gala) Ndi amebo, click to see the married plastic raft that has stood the test of some banging...hehehehe


Anonymous said...

At least e no go catch AIDS

Angel said...

issoria we have hia