Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Photo - Woman Having Sex With Her Dog!!! Oturugbeke!

Many years ago, I read an international Magazine which name I cannot recollect now and a man was speaking about the reason why he broke off his relationship with his girlfriend of many years. He said whenever they want to make love her dog will always refuse to leave the room no matter what. He would most times forcefully take the dog out but the dog will stay by the door whinning and crying throughout the duration of their frolicking in the room and that of course would usually kill the fun of the whole thing.

 He also mentioned that the dog would growl and even once charged at him, so he told the girl to choose between him and the dog and the girl tearfully chosed the dog so he stormed out. One day he went back to pick up his things from her place and when he inserted his key into the lock the door swung open so he went in and immediately sounds of moaning assailed his ears and he was flabbergasted. Did she start another relationship so soon? Was she already dating the guy and that was why she chose her dog over him to get rid of him? Who was the bagger? As he got to the door and peeped in, behold the lady was lying with her legs open and the dog was busy licking away at her pussy! He slumped to the ground in shock and the dog noticed him at that point and charged...he barely made it out alive. When I read all that I thought it was fiction but now check out this picture of a woman having sex with her dog, posted on Instagram by the woman herself. We talk about homosexuality and lesbianism but another phenomena is about to hit us, sex with animals! It may one day graduate to women or men choosing to be married to their pets! I am so afraid, what about you? Click here to see the photo...