Thursday, 18 July 2013

Photos of the 32 Contestants In The Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria 2013

I have attached for your viewing pleasure 32 contestants in the Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria 2013 but I am starting off with the photograph of my 13 year old daughter who will one day run for this position (wink) and I know she will win. Now look at her very well so that you do not forget the face but remember I told you first ... Her name is Zsazsa. Now back to the ladies, I am partial to Miss Taraba because she is my boss' niece and she is a gorgeous girl you would agree, so go to Facebook and like her picture so that she can win okay? If anybody curse Miss Cross River State say e be like masquerade I shall personally disown you because that is my State you hear? So go vote and what do you think about the beauty of the girls this year. Are they really true representatives of beautiful girls in Nigeria or these are the ones that just decided to compete as Nigerians are fond of saying. Click here to see the photos...Tanchio.

Zsazsa Jammal


Anonymous said...

fine girl, ok o we shall see ni

Anonymous said...

Na you first call am masquerade oh! We just dey follow your lead.