Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Woman Discusses Husband murder Caught On Camera By Fake Hitman

Julia Charlene Merfield 21 said she wanted her husband killed because: "it was easier than divorcing him" . That explanation came in a meeting with the man she hired to commit the murder. The mistake she made was that the man she hired was an undercover Police detective and she was being recorded. She said she did not want to worry about breaking his heart or facing their families so killing him was the simplest option. The motive uncovered by Police however, is that, her husband had a life Insurance Policy worth $400,000! She agreed to pay the hit man $50,000 to be spread in a series of  $9,000 in weekly installments to avoid suspicion. She has pled guilty and may face 6 years to life imprisonment.The hit man asked her how she wanted the killing done, gun or knife and she replied ..."do it painlessly breaking his neck". Watch for yourselves. Women are turning out to be more daring and I shudder at what the world will experience in the future...
culled from:mlive

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