Thursday, 29 August 2013

Horrific Video Of Governor Suntai's Speech To The New Cabinet

The bizarre spectacle of Governor Suntai's swearing in ceremony of a new cabinet in his dinning room has sent shivers down my spine. How can people be so callous? Is this man's life not worth anything at all? He can barely speak and one can easily see the strain of speaking and sitting etched on his long suffering face. The speaker of the house walked in with others after the swearing in and was unrecognized by the Governor.The cabal responsible for this I understand are his wife, Senator Emeka Bwatcha and a handful of other hopefuls.  Please is there something that Jonathan can do to safe this man for the sake of his kids? God did not give him a second chance for nothing! Please be patient to watch and wait for the audio I guess it was due to bad recording equipment.
Courtesy of Saharatv

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