Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Photos - Conjoined Twins Born In Otukpo!

Mr Musa Andrew and his wife Eneh Andrew are still perplexed at the calamity that has befallen them at the birth of their conjoined twins at St Daniel's Hospital Otukpo. The parents are still in shock and cannot understand how such could happen to them as there is no history of such in their lineage. Critically looking at the joining, it will be a miracle to separate this two as I can see only 3 legs, four hands,two noses, 2 chests, obviously one private part, and one stomach. One may have to die! What a choice the parents will have to make. The doctor has asked that the parents should not see them as freaks but as a gift from almighty God. I concur.

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Anonymous said...

What a world we are into God help us.tins are realy happening. My prayer z that God should console d parent of these babies. Ah in otukpo again? By jimmy Godwin frm otukpo