Tuesday, 13 August 2013

See Video Of Ofunneka Graciously Fingered In BBA As Was Beverly

Beverly is not the only BBA representative that ever had a frolick in the house but she is the only one who ever really had sex. Ofunneka was fingered in the house as well and it looks like it was alcohol induced though. Not making excuses for her. I like the Big Brother where the housemates would engage in brawls ET AL. This new system of not fighting makes the house boring and so every one is tuned to see some sexy actions. The organizers should think of ways to spice things up. Meanwhile Beverly Osu's bestie in an interview with a popular magazine has said that Beverly's mum is really proud of her. I wonder, what has she done to make her proud? The sex? Or what? ok o I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

point of correction ..... Ofuneka was taken advantage of by her buddy who ended up the winner , she was drunk so get ur stories right! i guess you want your blog to sell fast. hiss

Anonymous said...

You illiterate anonymous, did you see where she wrote that Ofuneka's act was alcohol induced? Trust you to dwell on the fingering meanwhile you came to watch the video and wank. monkey