Friday, 6 September 2013

Femi Fani Kayode Tenders Apology To Bianca Ojukwu One Week After She Threathened Legal Action

A week after Bianca Ojukwu threatened Femi Fani Kayode with a law suit over his controversial statement of having had "an intimate relationship" with her, Femi has through his lawyer, Rotimi Akinola withdrawn the damaging statement. Fani Kayode said that he finds it "bizarre, absurd and inexplicable" that she would claim they were never acquainted.

" Our client said earlier through his press Secretary that some of the words he used to describe his friendship with Ambassador Ojukwu in his article titled 
" A word for Those Who Call Me A Tribalist" were indiscreet. "He hereby Withdraws those words". 

Bianca found his statement that he had an intimate relationship with her outrageous and embarrassing demanding for an apology and retraction in an advertorial published in a Newspaper. " Take note that should you fail to tender the apology and publish a retraction of your false and malicious publication, seven days after your receipt of this demand notice, our further instructions are to seek appropriate redress in court and that would be without further recourse to you be properly guided" the article said. it worked for he has apologized.

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Anonymous said...

Goodnews, the man has grown up now.