Saturday, 21 September 2013

Photos - Ronaldinho Undergoes Surgery To Fix His Crooked Teeth Whatatranformation!

Ronaldinho 2 time FIFA Player of the year has finally got his groove back as he fixed his crooked teeth! He may not have had the best teeth but his wonky smile is one of the most famous and easily recognizable of smiles. He shelled out $58,000 to have his teeth realigned and altered. His smile is all Hollywood now hehehe. Chai money good o, see how handsome he looks now after the cut but e go fit open mouth kiss well? The mouth looks tight for my eye o. E no go fit chop pepper too o #woundtinz kai! Breaking News, he now has a girlfriend. He claimed in an interview after the surgery that 
"I have a girlfriend and I now have a much quieter life. In the past I was unfaithful (with that teeth!) but I have no intention of making the same mistake now".

So girls beware. The new teeth as you continue...
see him before again chai inyama!

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