Tuesday, 24 September 2013

This Has Changed My Life Forever! OMG!

Motivational speaker and Evangelist Nick Vijucic, a Serian Australian, is happy to be a dad and has shared incredible photos of his wife Kanae who he got married to on the 14th February 2012 and a cute son called Kiyoshi born this year. Nick was born with a rare illness tetra-amelia syndrome that comes with the absence of all four limbs, he struggled mentally, physically and emotionally but eventually came to terms with his disorder. He does what every other person who has limbs does for himself as he refused to be pushed aside by his fate. He believes that God is bigger than any disability and uses any willing heart. I quite agree with him and wonder if I am contributing my quota in this very short life of ours. I hope this brings a change into the heart of all who read and watch the video. Continue to see more pictures

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