Monday, 9 September 2013

Who Hit It First? FFK Or Ojukwu. Shit Hits The Fan Courtesy Of Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

Kemi Omololu- Olunloyo, the no nonsense 49 year old daughter of Ex-governor of Oyo State, has spoken out concerning the Femi Fani-Kayode vs Bianca Ojukwu "I had an intimate relationship" " your assertion is false and malicious" saga!
 The facts as Kemi has written on her Blog goes thus:

"I have just fielded interviews with several Nigerian media outlets about the Bianca Ojukwu/FFK saga. The truth needs to be told about it " Kemi says and continues "He retracts the statement as she asked for and she chooses to take him to court after all the threats. I know Bianca Onoh very well in my UK days. I may just be called as a witness in a Nigerian courtroom. This will be paparazzo fiasco and the story of the century. I have seen Bianca and Femi in many people's houses in the UK and many parties. Femi almost married Bianca when she was 18/19. There are many people that know this but they may not want to get involved now because they are prominent Nigerians who don't need to be getting into this dirt. BIANCA WANTS TO COVER UP THE TRUTH ABOUT THEIR PAST". 
I haff bought my coke and groundnut waiting for round two. Crunnnnch!


Dr. Etuka C. Obinwa said...

Is this the problem facing us in Nigeria? People should be ashamed of themselves for being a party to this mess.

Anonymous said...

All these kids are just spoilt brats bordering on imbecility.They just have refused to grow up