Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Brazillian Footballer's Head Cut Off And Left In A Rucksack For His Wife To Find!!

 A former Brazillian footballers head has been cut off and left at the door step of his house for his wife to find in a rucksack. Joao Rodrigo Silva's tongue and eyes were cut off and plucked out! He retired from active football two years ago having played for Rio de Janero, Sweden and Honduras. Witnesses say they saw several men bundle him into his car a Hyundai i30 just before midnight. Nobody knows if it was drug related because of his wife's work at a Military Police base. His wife has however said, she waited all night for the return of her husband till 5.30am when she got up to get ready for work and a noise at the front door revealed his rucksack which she opened to find his severed head. His body has however not been found. Does anybody recognize this man? I like football but I no know am. May his soul rest in peace.

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