Monday, 28 October 2013

Meet A 15 Year Old Girl Battling A Rare Genetic Disorder That Makes Her Look 45!!!

 Zara Hartshorn suffers from a rare condition called lipodystrophy a syndrome that causes aging. Her teeth are falling out and she's had collagen injections for wrinkles in a bid to capture her youth at 15!
this young girl has faced years of being bullied and called granny by her peers at school. She's been turfed off a bus because she couldn't prove that she was eligible for a child's ticket. She has also been mistaken for a teacher at school. So while many girls her age use makeup to age she uses it to do the opposite. While boys are chasing her friends she gets old men coming after her. Having had plastic surgery she has now found the man of her dreams. So while you think you have problems think about loosing 4 teeth and owning wrinkles even your granny will balk at and give praise to God for that little problem you think you have. Now see pictures of this wonderful gal after the cut...

Man of her dreams, Ricky.

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