Friday, 4 October 2013

Photos - Every part of The Plane Burnt Except The Back Where The Coffin Was + Manifest

Deji Falae, the handsome son of Olu Falae also perished in the ill fated crash of Associated Airline in Lagos yesterday. He had a Law degree from Obafemi Awolowo University. The 30 seat plane was burnt in every other part except the part where the coffin was. May the souls departed rest in peace. Agagu's son and son in law have been taken to the hospital no news of their status yet. Here see a list of all on board as released by FAAN and damaged parts of the plane as recorded below as you continue:

1. Feyi Agagu  ----------------------survivor

2. Femi Akinsanya------------------survivor
3.Akintunde Joseph------------------dead
4. Akeem Akintunde----------------survivor
5. Tunji Okusanya-------------------dead
6. Chijioke Duru---------------------dead
7.Kingsley Amaechi------------------dead
8. Deji Afolabi-------------------------dead
9.Mrs A. O. Alabi---------------------dead
10.Daji Bernard-----------------------dead
11. Deji Falae--------------------------dead
12. Samson Hassan--------------------dead
13. Olatunji Okusanya----------------dead
14. Capt Yakubu-----------------------dead
15.Flight Officer Onyinlola-----------dead
16. Engr Soroh Ebiye-------------------dead
17. Flight Dispatcher Ibrahim----------dead
18.Mr Felix Latoya----------------------dead
19.Cabin crew Owolabi-----------------dead
20. Cabin crew Samson------------------dead

Damaged coffin

Tunji Okusanya

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