Monday, 28 October 2013

Photos - Tallest Man In The World Gets Married!

The tallest man in the world at 8ft 3inches Sultan Kosen has found love in his 5ft 8inches Fiancee Merve Dibo. Sultan has been searching for a soul mate who would prove a perfect fit. Most girls were put off by his height ( I wonder why because I know women like "long" men hehehehe he wears a size 28 shoes!) So despite the height difference of 2 ft 7 inches they celebrated their wedding in Turkey to the joy of Kosen who is 30. Kosen who took over the Guinness book of record place from Robert Wadlow who died in 1940 measuring a record breaking 8ft 11 inches finally stopped growing in 2009...Lets hope everything stopped growing as well for the sake of this 20 year old wife of his lol. See photos after the cut.

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