Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Spiritualist Shaves 17 year Old Girl's Private Part To Help Her Secure A Man!!!

Wahab Seidu pictured above is a popular spiritualist has been arrested for allegedly shaving the private part of a seventeen year old girl and raping her. The girl had told the spiritualist that she was desperate to have a man in her life so he asked her to bring her pubic hair, vaginal fluid, cotton, sperms, cosmetic powder and money so that he would prepare some rituals to solve her problems. The girl was able to procure all other items except the sperm and pubic hair which he offered to produce on her behalf. He then lured her to a guest house where he slept with her twice to enable him get the sperm for the ritual (smart Alec). He has since been arrested after full disclosure from the victim to her mother. (they should release the man please, she needed a man and he is one so why cry wolf...?)

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