Thursday, 7 November 2013

Femi Falana Insists He Was Hired By Clara Chime Period!

 Human Rights Lawyer Femi Falana has debunked claims by Clara Chime that  she never sought his legal assistance to secure her freedom from her husband governor Sullivan Chime. Femi claims that he was fully briefed and that he has the right to fight for the freedom of any citizen who is unlawfully detained
to demand for their release. In his words click here to continue:
" with respect to Mrs Clara Chime, I wish to say without any fear of contradiction, that I have her instructions in writing to challenge her illegal detention at the Government House Enugu. Through the assistance of some of her security personnel, her mother and her personal physician she has since spoken to me on phone to confirm her instructions".
The governor himself facing the press has agreed that his wife was locked up for her own sake to protect her while she receives treatment for an undisclosed ailment. he denied her access to the internet and telephone for the same reason. He said he wanted to protect her from ridicule and that doctors have been on call waiting on her hand and foot for an eventual cure. Femi however accused the governor of conspiring with his private physicians to sentence his wife to unwarranted mental torture and psychological trauma in a room in the government house for the past four months. When the governor himself was ill, he traveled abroad for treatment and stayed away for months amidst speculations of death why then is his wife receiving treatment in a locked room? If his wives case is non compos mentis as he claims The story get as e be here... meanwhile his talk with the press did not make mention of the child born by his wife's younger sister for him neither did it make mention of the Ifeoma babe he is said to be dating. All these and more are the contoversies trailing the governor.
The message Clara sent according to Femi read as follows:
" I Clara Chime (Mrs) hereby instruct you to reach out to Femi Falana (SAN) of Femi Falana Chambers Ikeja, Lagos on my behalf. For him to take all necessary legal steps to secure my freedom from Government house Enugu State where am presently detained, your speedy action will be appreciated".

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