Friday, 1 November 2013

Water Slows Ageing, At 42 Sarah Looks 32! See!

Drinking 3 litres of water everyday has lifted 10 years off Sarah's face. At 42 she always had headaches and poor digestion so a neurologist and nutritionist suggested she added water to her routine to change the functioning of her system. like women around the world myself inclusive who hardly drink water its important that you change this mindset. Water is tasteless as far as I am concerned but my body is thanking me for the new resolve to feed it some.
Sarah drank the recommended dose of 3 litres daily for one month and the transformation is glaring she looks 10 years younger. In her before picture she looks exhausted, wrinkled, lack luster and blotched! Her lips look shriveled. Her After picture actually looks fresh, clear, well rested and crested. Any man would run after her. The idea is that you drink a big jug of water in the morning another in the afternoon and yet another in the evening. Your kidneys will filter wastes from your body before turning it to urine. Hangover is caused by your body stealing water from the brain since you starved it of some while you were shacking some achi.So ladies and gents lets start drinking up, your breathe will smell fresher. Ladies your eyeshadow will look better without wrinkles around the eyes. You will be leaner with a spring to your step instead of slugging. Just bought me a pack. AquaFina una go pay me for free advert o lol. Hope this has taught you a new thing?


Anonymous said...

This is remarkable, good advice

Rita Egwu said...

Thanks dear