Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Woman Gruesomely Burns The Back of Her Ward For Failing To Sell Pawpaw!

A petition has been written against mama Chikamso of No 43, Ifelodun Street off Orisunnare Ejigbo for causing grievous bodily harm to a child - Ms Chidinma Chukwu. On the 14th day of November the law firm of Alex Scott & Partners received an anonymous call from the UK wherein the caller informed the office of a case of grievous bodily harm caused to a minor by her supposed guardian.
The caller craved the indulgence of the senior partner Barr Alex Scott in the matter. The story is that the lady in question Mama Chikamso was fond of maltreating her 3 wards who she had brought to Lagos to raise and instead of sending them to school she used them to sell pawpaw! On the day of the incident, Mama Chikamso had threatened that they must sell all their pawpaw or be punished. Chidinma unfortunately failed to sell all and so her guardian in anger poured boiling water on her two times causing serious burns on the skin of this very little girl. She thereafter refused to take her for medical treatment despite the severity of her injuries. Barr Scott after hearing and seeing the victim was moved with compassion and took up the matter to ensure that justice prevails. Speaking to me about the issue Barr Scott said that the basis for the petition is to ensure that it is not business as usual where the minor is sent home without justice being served. He says Chidinma must get justice in her own country.
 "it is unconscionable to note that for one week nobody including friends, family, neighbours etc reported the incident, instead by the time the Police arrived at the scene neighbours had the nerves to challenge the Police uttering profanity and insisting that the incident is a family matter which did not warrant Police interference. This neighbours attitude did not just constitute an obstruction of justice but was also ludicrous and repugnant to natural justice, equity,religion and good conscience. The egalitarian nature of our society which we all live in did not irk the conscience of these people to act on behalf of the poor and defenseless child they all adopted a cowardly and obnoxious conspiracy of silence, leaving Chidinma to stew alone in pain."

 The rate of child abuse especially by women who by nature are meant to nurture is worrisome and should be summarily dealt with. I have read stories of a woman holding down a child's hands in hot water placed on a stove to boil as if she was cooking rice. Another lady was shown on NTA newline having sewn her daughter's lips with a needle and thread for talking too much. Yet another used a dog chain to bound her maid hand and foot for reasons best known to her! The list is endless and I think women are becoming hardened and wicked even more than before. The law office of Alex Scott and partners has said that they are willing, competent and able to assist this young girl to see that justice is done, we also must be our neighbours keeper. Fight for the underdog and stop covering up the crap of people who need psychiatric evaluation you never can tell, it may be your turn tomorrow. See photo after the cut if you get mine

If a woman of 28 can do this to a young girl, imagine what she would do to her husband should she catch him in adultery. Tufiakwa!

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