Monday, 16 December 2013

"I Am Not Bleaching and You Are Stupid For Asking!" Governor Alao Akala

I am not bleaching lol nice knuckles
 Former governor of Oyo State Alao Akala got very angry with the two journalists from Punch in a recent interview. Excerpts below
Punch: you talked about quality is it in terms of dressing too?
In terms of everything Akala is a man of  quality. Look at me. I am a man of  quality, with due respect. I use quality materials.
 Hehehehe more as you continue

 Punch: Is the use of jewelry part of it too?
Yes, I have been using jewelry as a young man. Do you know what they called Ghana before, Gold Coast. I lived in Ghana and that was where I got use to it early in life. We make statements with our looks in Ghana. In those days when we were in Ghana, your wife bath you and took care of you. I am from Ghana, so I have been using jewelry (he sends for an album) I want to show you some pictures. Pictures that I took some forty years back, you would see chains on my neck. Look at my hand chains and rings in this picture. That is how I was brought up. Even when I was in (Police) uniform. I wore my chain with my uniform.

Punch:Is it not illegal for you to wear necklace with uniform?
It was not legal but my uniform would cover it

Punch: Is it part of your own fashion to bleach?
Bleach? That is stupidity, you are asking a very stupid question, how can I bleach. You are very stupid to ask that type of question. What do you mean by that? What gave you that impression? (He pulls up his clothe and singlet to show his fair complexion) Is this bleaching? Have you seen the cream that I use that makes me bleach or did you know me when I was black? So if you want to write put it there that I said you are very stupid to ask that type of question. Don't ask that type of question again, what you don't know you ask. You don't even know my parents. Is my wife complaining or my children? I don't know what gave anybody the impression that I bleach. You don't know me. Do you know what it takes to bleach?

My take
Governor yallow, we don't have to know your parents to know you bleach, if your stomach is fair is it not only right to assume you make sure the cream gets everywhere? The bleached black knuckles and the sun burn on your face is tattoo abi? Your wife and children cannot complain because you fit cease their chop money! We don't know what it takes to bleach but I am sure you will tell us as an experienced bleacher!
Abeg na play I dey play o govina, who talk say you dey bleach head no correct na because dem no know your papa and mama, dem for know say d black knuckles and sun burn na nashural tins! You were born burnt! So make una lef our govina o.

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