Monday, 23 December 2013

Man Throws Son Off A 52 Story Building Instead Of Handing Him Over To His Mum!!

 35 year old Dmitriy Kanarikov threw his 3 year old son to his death from the roof of a 52 story skyscraper and then jumped killing himself after a judge ordered him to hand the boy over to his mother following a custody battle. His son Kirilli plunged 46 stories after being pushed from the ledge and landed on the 6th floor before crashing down. The boy was alive when paramedics got to the scene but died a few minutes later at the hospital. While his father died at the scene. In September on facebook Kanarikov had written that " I want to be the best dad and husband - nothing is more important to me right now". See more pictures after the cut, I am so heartbroken for this little angel who died trusting his dad. Culled from DailyMail

Even the devil smiles. Who would think a man this happy would do such a horrendous thing. Looks can really be deceptive.

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