Friday, 24 January 2014

Mary J Blige's Father Stabbed And Critically Wounded By Girlfriend

 Michigan Police say that Mary J Blige's father has been stabbed in the neck and critically wounded by his girlfriend after an argument escalated between them . Police say she has been thrown into jail and will be put on trial for attempted murder. It is reported that the attack on the on the 63 year Thomas Blige took place at 7am Thursday while he was studying for a college course when he was disrupted by a loud hissing noise from outside, on investigation he found his ex slashing the tires of his truck and that is when the argument ensued. The girl ran from the scene but officers recovered the knife and found blood on her clothes. She will be arraigned on Friday. ( Na wa at 63b old papa still dey get alaye mama girlfriend?) Hmmmm.

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