Friday, 17 January 2014

Meet Two Gay Men With Their Children In Naija? Heck.... N

 Kordale and Kaleb are two gay parents living in Atlanta and  raising three children between them. This week the two of them on their facebook page updated with pictures of them doing normal things normal parents would do with their kids. They do homework, hair and other things with them. They say their children do not know they are gay but believe they have two fathers, one of who they call dad and the other daddy's best friend. The reason they protect their children from seeing them compromised is because they do not want to make choices for them concerning their sexuality by having them grow up as gay but would rather allow them decide on their own with their support of course. I know nothing about gays and how they live or their rights to be the way they are but I ask only one question.
 'If your parents were gay would you have been born, if they had given themselves the choice to choose whether to be heterosexual or gay?' Somewhere in the world two women are husband-less because their husbands chose to marry themselves! See more pictures after the cut.

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