Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Incredible Story Of A Woman Who Changed The Colour Of Her Eyes Through Cosmetic Surgery And Went Blind!

 I will never cease to be amazed at technology and the way people risk their lives even for a minimal thing like the colour of their eyes! Cosmetic contact lens would have given Shneise Farrel the same effect but no, she had to go all the way to Panama to have surgery in an unregulated procedure to change the colour of her eyes from  dark brown to light brown by implanting coloured disks like a contact lens into her eyes. She spent £8000 but the operation went wrong and she almost lost her sight. Continue to see the incredible story that unfolded thereafter.

She was told on arrival at the clinic in Panama that she could not have light brown colour because they had run out of stock but she could have blue ones instead which she agreed to have because she was determined to change the colour anyhow. Denise screamed during the 20minutes operation but was told not to scream as things could go wrong. After the operation her vision was as if she was looking under water but doctors told her not to worry as it could take up to two weeks for her vision to be restored fully but by the time she returned to London her vision had instead deteriorated further.  She went to Charing Cross Hospital in London where she could not even read the largest letters. Doctors at a loss of what to do decided to remove the implants at the risk of permanent vision loss, she went under the knife again. When she woke up everything was black and she thought she had lost her sight forever. It was later she discovered it was the bandage that was used to cover her eyes after the operation. When these were removed, her vision remained blurry for two to three months. In her own words:
" Now that my eyes are back to normal, my eyes are brown but it doesn't matter what shade of brown it is. The main thing is that I can see". ( e never do o go change change am again mshheeeeew)

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