Tuesday, 25 March 2014

More Photos Of Dora Akinyuli After Her Illness

There was a rumor that Prof Dora Akinyuli was down with a life threatening ailment but I thought it was a joke. Now I realise the joke was on me. The NAFDAC former boss has actually been ill as can be seen in this photo. Some say its Cancer and others Fibroids. Whatever it is you can be sure she will tell us in no time. Dora is back in Nigeria recuperating and showed up at the ongoing National confab. Hear her:
" I just need to put on some weight. There is a saying in Igboland that goes this way 'let the sickness take the flesh but leave the bones because with time the bones would grow new flesh.' I just came out of a major sickness for which I thank God for delivering me. I know that God did that for a purpose, this National Conference being part of that purpose. I am well now bu only need time to put on more weight."
What an amazing woman! We wish you long life and good health here maam. see her new look after the cut...

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