Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Bornu Government Earmarks N150 Million To Rehabilitate The Girls Who Escaped

 Bornu State Governor kashim Shettima has said N150 Million has been set aside to rehabilitate the 53 school girls who escaped from their abductors during the April 14 attack. He said the Boko Haram terrorists were not fighting the cause of Islam and had neglected the Koran's injunction while trying to translate it wrongly. Continue to see more:
He said to every Muslim a verse of the Koran clearly states that there is no compulsion  in religion but to these men of violence there is compulsion not only in religion but also in Islamic ideologies. A Muslim that does not join the Boko Haram is condemned to death as are Christians! He concluded by saying
"Bornu has seen evil times, our people have suffered."
Shettima disclosed this while addressing fact finding committee in Chibok. He said the monies have been set aside to rehabilitate the recovered girls and to support parents whose livelihood has been affected by these horror. He concluded by saying:
"We are very optimistic that they will be freed".
Whatever has given Shettima the idea that these men will release the girls is food for another day. Given their antecedents and the recent Jos bombings does it look like these men are ready to negotiate? I have a feeling a storm is brewing and these men have recruits in all the States of the Federation. The Governors have to sit up and take charge of the security. Now is the time for ruthless state Police I suggest. Lets keep praying. Its no longer a Christian-Muslim war these people are killing themselves!

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