Friday, 30 May 2014

"Dead" Guru Disciples Refuse To Bury Him Saying He Will Resurrect Since January!

Disciples of a millionaire guru His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaji have refused to have him cremated because they believe he is meditating in a freezer. His wife and son Dillib Jha who are worth £100million have launched a court battle to retrieve his body saying he died since January. His followers from Divine Light Awakening Mission insist he is in a deep state of meditation and called on all members to stand by the 31-year-sect under all circumstances. According to reports doctors however have declared him clinically dead of a heart attack since 29th January, a report his followers are refusing to accept and have placed him in a deep freezer on the outskirts of Punjab claiming he is in a deep state of meditation called Samadhi and for four Months now they are still waiting for him to wake up. In the meantime they however say that their leader is grateful for the phone calls, emails and even personal visits he has received since he entered the freezer. They say he is still sending messages through his followers to protect his body until he returns.
 Reeta Kohli advocate general of Punjab State however says the man has been declared clinically dead and it is up to his followers to decide what to do with the body.

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