Thursday, 22 May 2014

Fat Woman Strips Down To Her Bikini and Walks On The Highway (photos)

Amani Terrel was frustrated at the body type that Hollywood sees as beautiful so she stripped down to her bikini in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard to strut her stuff.  She says she did it to show that all women are beautiful irrespective of their size. A lot of women lack confidence in the way they look. Thin girls wanna be fat and fat girls wanna be thin. Why not enjoy the body God gave you? Meanwhile all the men are happy with what they are seeing. I'm sure a lot of guys did not go to work that day lol. seek validation only from yourself. What do you think, should beauty not be as beholden? continue to see the photos...

Bros go work see all him teeth!
Why hand dey pocket? hehehehe
bad belle

E dey with babe and e dey turn neck hehehe

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Dats whatsup riri u know who...!!!