Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Watch Video As Wild Girl Solange, Beyonce's sister, physically Attacks Jay Z.

Solange was ferociously kicking and swinging at Jay Z inside an elevator according to TMZ report. This happened immediately after the MET gala after party last week. A large man who appears to be a bodyguard attempts to hold her down but she manages to connect at least 3 times. At some point she kicks and Jay Z grabs her foot but he never attempts to retaliate. The bodyguard presses the emergency button of the elevator presumably to keep it private. Solange then smacks Jay Z with her purse and the contents spills all over. They all walk out of the elevator together and while Beyonce and Solange get in the same car, Jay Z gets in another car. Its unclear what triggered the fight but I suspect he must have done or said something that angered her. During the fight Beyonce watches idly by as if she was used to this kind of fight or that she just did not care. She posted the following post right after the fight about purging people around her. see it after the cut

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