Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Woman Kills 10 Year Old Stepson By Denying Him Water

This undated booking photo provided by the Dallas County Sheriff Department shows Tina Marie Alberson, 44.  Alberson and her husband, Michael Ray James, 43, are charged in the July 2011 dehydration death of James' 10-year-old son, Jonathan James. Alberson, who is on trial this week, faces up to life in prison if convicted. Photo: Dallas County Sheriff Department
Tina Marie Alberson,44.
 A Dallas woman was convicted Friday in the dehydration death of her 10-year-old stepson who was denied water for days during record-high temperatures in North Texas.
Police thought Jonathan's death was heat-related until the medical examiner's report.
Alberson had testified in her own defense. She told jurors she limited Jonathan's water intake only a few times as punishment for misbehaving, and that she saw him drinking water when he wasn't in "time-out." She said she saw no sign that he was in medical distress.
The boy's fraternal twin brother, now 12, testified that Jonathan repeatedly asked for water and even pretended to use the bathroom in order to sneak a drink from the faucet before their stepmother ordered him out. Joseph James, told jurors, he was concerned for his brother's health but was too afraid of Alberson to do anything.
During the sentencing phase, the twins' maternal grandmother, Sue Shotwell, testified that the boys didn't want to go to Alberson's house and that Jonathan couldn't understand why he was always in trouble with his stepmother.
Prosecutors said Alberson should spend the rest of her life behind bars, but defense attorneys asked jurors for the minimum sentence, five years.
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