Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Full Disclosure on Why Goldie's Marriage was Kept a Secret

 I'm now only left to wonder whether Prezzo knew about Goldie's marital status since he was ready to propose to her on Valentines Day.
Goldie's marital status was a mystery to many. Only her closest friends and family knew that she was a married woman. They even managed to keep it from the media.
Two days after Goldie's death, her husband shows up and tells all. He even posts photos of their secret wedding on Goldie's facebook page and tells off Prezzo.
Now, he tells Africa why he kept their marriage secret through an interview with one of Nigeria's leading newspapers.

Apparently, Goldie and Andrew decided never to let out news of their marriage so as to protect their private lives. No evidence of their wedding whatsoever was left in their Nigerian home. Not even photos. Everything that represented and symbolised their marriage was kept in their UK home.
They even agreed on not wearing wedding rings, after the original ones got lost.
"We had wedding bands and swapped them at the church wedding, they were oversize. After the wedding I was on assignment in Houston and took them for resizing. The day of leaving, all my things were stolen from my hired car and I had to delay my journey to get new passport and visa. We both agreed that as the blessed rings had been stolen, we did not want to wear unblessed rings. From there, we decided that neither of us would wear ring again," Andrew Harvey said.

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