Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Funeral Held for Reeva Steenkamp

The family of Reeva Steenkamp today conducted her funeral. In an emotion laden voice her brother Adam said there is a "space missing inside all the people she knew that can't be filled again,we’re going to keep all the positive things that we remember and know about my sister.We will try and continue with the things that she tried to make better. We’ll miss her.”
Her mother, June, has described her “horrendous” torment at her daughter’s death, telling local media: “She loved like no-one else could love.
“She had so much of herself to give and now all of it is gone. Just like that, she is gone.
“In the blink of an eye and a single breath, the most beautiful person who ever lived is no longer here.
“All we want are answers – answers as to why this had to happen, why our beautiful daughter had to die like this.”
Reeva will later be cremated at her home town of Port Elizabeth

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