Tuesday, 2 April 2013

"Linda Ikeji is a Home Wrecker, she stole Dan Foster", Says Kemi Olunloyo

                    Linda Ikeji and Kemi Olunloyo
I really dont care to know this Kemi Olunloyo lady, because I dont understand why a woman would be so spiteful and abusive to people on facebook. She claims to be the who is who of the world, yet her old ass was returned without ceremony to us in Nigeria. Now, this kola Boof wanna be, will not let us drink water drop cup. Linda is human and may have made mistakes in her past so what? Please leave the young girl be and shove you ass somewhere else already huh! Read the interview she granted some radio station after the cut of course...

" Linda Ikeji is a popular blogger in the Nigerian entertainment scene. I never met her till I spotted her walk past the red carpet at Darey's LLAM show. She did not stop to talk to any media outlet. Many of you began attacking me because I asked on twitter "Who is Linda Ikeji as in making me famous. She can make ppl famous in Nigeria but I'm a top blogger myself in US and Canada?" Some of you heard what I said about her on Splash 105.5FM Ibadan last week during my interview on Bullseye with Nike Adewuyi. I kept it real. 

I clearly told Nike that Linda did NOT make me famous in any way. She writes the same story everyone floods the Internet with. By now you should have noticed that she is not the only blogger writing about me. But to read people asking me if I really know who she is and cursing me all along, maybe I should wake up the sleeping dogs. Linda blogged one particular story about me when I said there is no poverty in Nigeria, she specifically said she did not know who I was. She may not know me personally but she knows the name back in 2006.
Linda Ikeji is also a home wrecker! On the woman who "stole" my junior cousin's then fiance Dan Foster formerly of Cool FM a month before their wedding. Deola Olunloyo ended the relationship with Dan Foster and my dad and other family members had to cancel a lot of expensive wedding expenditure. After Deola moved on, she continued her work as an internationally recognized Journalist expertise in HIV education. Linda went ahead and dated Dan and was later dumped. She spoke about how miserable she was to the Punch newspapers. You cannot be happy when you wreck someone else's home.Sources from Dan's camp told me that he regretted his actions and has moved on. Dan went ahead and married his current wife Lovina and they have 3 lovely children. He now works at Inspiration FM.

What Linda did is not new. I responded to her in a 2006 issue of Global Excellence magazine that home wrecking was not a kind thing. Dan was considered a weak man to me. If he had even asked for his fiance's forgiveness is one thing but to now turn around and openly date Linda was another.  Many of you do not know these FACTUAL stories. recently I was told by other sources in the shady Nigerian blogging industry that she was responsible for the break up of Nigerian Rapper Ikechukwu and his girlfriend allegedly accusing the girl of sleeping with D'Banj, something I did not get into.

Like I said on the radio yesterday, Linda is making money building her brand and I am doing the same. She initiated a convo with Kola Boof and I not aware that I know Kola as American blogger Sandra Rose's frenemy. Kola realized that later and had no idea she was talking to me on twitter (that Kemi) while Linda thought she was blogging a twitter beef. As a result, Kola blocked her tweets and protected them from Linda and several Nigerians.

She has never in anyway made me famous. My deportation from Canada made me famous and the works I did abroad in ending gun violence and drug abuse. Pls put your money where your mouth is. This is an advice for Linda's fan. I am a professional blogger since 1999 and a Journalist. Even Perez Hilton makes $67Million a year and far more than us and does not play these antics.

All the Top Bloggers in America looked up to me as a role model from their humble beginnings and I respected them too. From Soul Train and BET award winning ones to just plain high traffic ones. Blogging is about writing original stories on a WEBLOG. I started in 1999 when the Pyra template was used before Google bought it and renamed it blogger".

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