Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Woman Who Is The Exact Replica Of Barbie Doll

Valeria Lukyanova
Valeria Lukyanova may not look like a real person, but with the help of a little eye makeup and a tiny waist the model/singer has been able to fool people the world over. Photos of the Moldavian-born Lukyanova, called the 'human Barbie', took the internet by storm earlier this year, and many questioned whether she existed or was just a very well done computer generated image.There's also been lots of speculation over whether or not she's had plastic surgery to attain her looks (she claims she hasn't had any and only use makeup and contact lenses to attain her somewhat Japanese Anime look). Hmmm I bet I can put one palm around the entire span of her waist, I covert this flat belle o mbok. see more photos after the cut
Valeria LukyanovaValeria Lukyanova

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