Tuesday, 14 May 2013

78 Year old Woman Missing For 10 Years Found In Son's Wardrobe


The Police in Imo State have arrested one Chimezie Osuigwe for the alleged murder of his 78 year old mother in 2003. He was arrested after a relative found the embalmed body of his mother in a shrine inside a large cupboard in the room with the scene depicting ritual purposes. It is believed that she has been in that state since she was declared missing 10 years ago. Dr Chimiezie is a member of the Guru Maharaji sect and Police are making plans to arrest other members of the sect who visit him there. Her body has however been handed over to the forensic lab for autopsy. I hope this is not what happened to my 70 year old friend's father who has been missing for 10 years too. I smell a rat now, because his son's are something else. God help us.

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