Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Former Governor Alao-Akala's Cleaner Burgles His Home

A Beninoise, Francise Kadibuwa, a cleaner was on Monday paraded by the Police of Oyo State for breaking into the house of  former Governor Alao-Akala and stealing foreign currency and valuables. The matter was reported by the Governor's wife, when she came back from Ogbomosho on 5 May, 2013.
The thief in his confession claims that one among the four wives of his father (why poor men dey succeed to catch many babes like this) cast a spell on him that he will commit a blunder in his place of work. In his words: More as you continue

" I went there last week Friday between 1am and 3am, broke the window with the tools that I bought so that they will not suspect me. I keep the keys to the house if I entered through the door they will suspect me. (oponu) so I chose to enter through the window (smart alec). I stole foreign currency, jewelry, shoes and other valuables but returned them after making confession to the Police".
Francise, I also hear a voice telling me that there's plenty of money at the Central bank of Nigeria but do I pick up a gun and go there? No! No thief dey ever gree say him be thief na satan dey push them. Ole.

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Anonymous said...

Wretchd wicked idiot. Na devil send u abii cos dey caught u. Go steal 4 central bank lol . Domestic servants r 2 be feared ooo.