Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Angelina Jolie Has her Breasts Removed

In an interview with New York Times Angelina Jolie confessed she has had her breasts removed. The drastic desicion to do so stemmed from the fact that her mother Marcheline Betrand had died of Ovarian Cancer aged 57 in 2007. Genetic tests had determined that she had an 87% chance of developing breast cancer and a 50% chance of developing Ovarian Cancer because she carried a faulty gene BRCA1. Her chances of being hit by these deadly diseases have now been reduced to 5%. Breast cancer kills over 458,000 people every year according to WHO men inclusive, so don't run off shouting halleluyah yet.
Brad Pitt was with her at the Pink Lotus Breast Center where all the surgeries took place and he is just her fiance so married men do not run off and just tear the cheque, be there!

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