Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Do you Need To Lose weight? Read This!

Caroline Jhingory weighed 300lbs about 10 years ago on her 5'2 inch frame.She turned to food at an early age to cope with the physical and emotional damage of having dark blotches on her skin. After finding out that she was at risk for diabetes she had to start a weight loss program which she called 'poor man's diet'. She cut off all whites from her diets and had no money for the gym so she started walking. Within one year she lost 150lbs and managed to keep it off. No gastric bypass surgery! You can do it too.Buy her book at Amazon.com. More as you continue:

Foods she ate:
1. 2 boneless piece of chicken breast with a dash of seasoning and a string of green beans
2.Fish fillet with a side of broccolli (dem dey sell am for shoprite)
3. Moi Moi (my take but put small oil)
4. Lots of veggies and fruits (my idea too)
I plan to try my best please, if you have more ideas add it in my comment box, I will incorporate it.

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