Friday, 24 May 2013

Brand New Video " No Time For HaterZ" From Nigeria's Queen of P**n AfroCandy Enjoy

Afro Candy our Nigerian porn star, has released a brand new Video titled No Time For Haterz. Afro candy has been slammed especially on her Facebook page where fans curse at her calling her bitch, possessed, un-Nigerian etc. The babe no send. As una dey hala, she dey count money lol. On her page a few hours ago she said:

"We wanna take the premiere of this movie "Destructive instinct" around the world, the New Jersey Premiere has already been constrained but we gonna still do it anyway, after that we are taking it to Texas, california, Uk, Europe, Malaysia, Ghana and Nigeria... so lets go my people! Aint no time to sit around and listen to garbage! We are taliking money, they are talking nonsense!"
The 41 year mother of two says "Afrocandy has taking(sic) off, moving like a train and if you stand in my way am (sic) really am (sic) gonna crush you, No time 4 Haterz no, No time 4 dem Haterz...meanwhile I have just giving (sic) you guys the part one of my actions, what you gonna do when you see the part 2?.....(sic). The show never start o and you are freaking out? Just hold on make I reach where I dey go!"
Hmmmm grammar no be our language sha make una manage am anyhow she write am hehehehehe.

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Anonymous said...

Madt woman. Kaffy.