Thursday, 23 May 2013

Warning Horrific Photos - Arowolo Insists His Banker Wife Killed Herself

 If you look at the picture posted here you will see the horrific extent of damage that was done to Titi Arowolo which her accused husband is now saying was self inflicted. The pathologist who performed her autopsy actually said she was stabbed a whopping 76 times! More as you continue but dont look if you cannot stand the sight of gore.

Yesterday was the court hearing and the husband alluded that the late banker killed herself. people commit suicide but I am yet to see one who would actually stab herself 76 times. Below is the account of Arowolo after he said he and his wife had a 2 hour long sex bout after which he went to the bank to withdraw some money for his birthday celebration. As soon as he came back an argument ensued, causing his wife to slap him.
"I went out around 10am to withdraw some money from the bank and I bought some items. On the way I picked up my mechanic because he needed to repair my car. On getting home about an hour later, the security guard and my mechanic helped me to carry the items to my apartment and my mechanic drove the car away. On getting home I realised my wife was completely dressed and she said she was going out. As I pleaded with her she started shouting saying that her stepmother and aunty told her to leave the house. She was very angry and she slapped me.

Akolade said he then ran to his neighbour Mrs Hannah and sought her intervention, the woman spoke to her convincing her not to go out. He and his wife now went back to their apartment where he now stepped out to put the generator on while his wife spoke on the phone to her cousin Folake who incidentally shared the same birthday as the husband. The wife handed him the phone to speak with Folake and then went inside the house, he said after speaking to the lady he went inside to give the phone to his wife
"I started looking for Titi because Folake wanted to speak with her so I started looking for my wife all over the place. I called out her name but she did not answer. On getting to the entrance of our room I slipped and almost fell. As I attempted to hand over the phone to my wife, she stabbed me with a kitchen knife. She stabbed me again this time on the left part of my chest. I tried to wrest the knife from her and she started screaming 'I will kill you and kill myself'. In the struggle she stabbed me on my navel. Later I asked my wife why she did this and she started apologising. I now decided to get help for her but I could not find the keys in the wardrobe where she said she had kept them. After attempting to force the door open with no success I decided to jump from the balcony and I met the security guard and the mechanic there. I jumped in the car and drove to Aswani Police Division. On my way to the station I met some traffic Policemen and I explained to them that my wife needed help. They were telling me to take care of myself first since I was covered in blood.While I was still explaining to them an oncoming vehicle knocked me over and I fell unconscious. When I regained consciousness I found myself in a strange environment and was told that a good samaritan had rescued me. I later made a telephone call to my mother. It was the person who picked the call who informed me that my wife was dead."

On cross examination he said his wife was alive as at the last time he saw her. he debunked the story that 76 stab wounds were found on his wife and said his own injuries were worse than the ones he sustained. Professor Obafunwa  the pathologist said that it was impossible for a human being to inflict such injuries upon themselves. Public prosecutor Ogungbesan  asked why he did not inform the security guard, the mechanic nor his neighbours that his wife was bleeding inside the house. " if you did not stab your wife to death then who did? You said she was mentally unstable, are you certified psychiatrist? Since it has been established that you were the last person to see your wife alive I put it to you that you stabbed your wife to death." In his reply Akolode said that his wife had drank alchohol that morning. He said " if you had seen her that morning she was more powerful than me. she overpowered me, I was not thinking clearly that day that was why I ran straight to the Police station without telling neighbours. It is possible that she stabbed herself to death but not 76 times."
The case has however been adjourned till 11th September, 2013. I feel so sad for this poor woman who was cut down in her prime. We must look again to the partners that God has given us and pray for sanity to always reign and for God to be enthroned in our hearts. The bankers family had in the past testified to the several beatings this lady was given by her husband whom she loved and now suddenly she was more "powerful than me"?

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