Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Fresh Revelations On How Boko Haram Works

 Contrary to widespread belief, Boko Haram sect are not suicide bombers. (dem get liver?) A source close to the leadership of the murderous sect has spoken out concerning their activities. More as you continue:

A lot of the bombers do it without knowing that they are going on their own suicide missions. They do what we can call division of labour. From the time the target is picked and up until the execution different individuals perform different roles. For instance, on an assignment, one person acquires the vehicle, another wires it with explosives, a third drives it to the place targetted for destruction and then the final link detonates the bomb.
The whole thing is carefully planned with the drivers of the cars being paid between N20,000 to N30,000 to drive the cars to the place marked for destruction. They are not told they are to be killed but are instructed to call in once they get to the final location. Once the phone call is received the bomb is detonated by the final link.
The bomb blasts at the Kano park lends credence to this fact as eye witnessess say they actually saw a white Golf car parked between 2 luxury buses filled with south bound passengers with the driver speaking on the phone when the blast went off. Same was reported of the Police Headquarters in Abuja in 2011 while that of the UN building Abuja was different because the sect had somehow breached security to plant the bombs themselves.
culled from The Sun News

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