Tuesday, 7 May 2013

VIDEO + PHOTOS: Look If You are 18 + Graphic Sex Scenes From AfroCandy's Movie Trailer

On her Status Update AfroCandy says:
"Very funny, when I call some people to come and act they think I am calling them to come and act 'Porn'. If I am actually shooting a Porn like the Press runs their mouth, I don't think I would need everyone to partake in it, at least, 'you must look good naked before I can even consider you for such roles' So please, don't trip over yourself it ain't for everyone ok. Oh well, I got no time to stress it or wait for nobody, only let them be the judges when the movies come out......#shikena#" So if this is not porn judging by the pictures what then is porn biko?

Watch movie trailer here:

AfroCandy - Destructive instinct 3 &  4 Trailer... by mayorboss

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