Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Another Building Collapse Claims The Life Of A Nine Month Old Child In Lagos

A nine month old baby is reported to have died yesterday 11th June, 2013  as a three storey building collapsed in Mushin. The house located at No 353 Agege Motor Road, collapsed at 3pm and thankfully most of the occupants were not at home. The building was said to have been built as a conventional apartment before the Landlord decided to add a two storey on top of it which weakened its foundation. Four people were rescued and rushed to the hospital but the baby among them died. 
This is another sad incident that could have been averted. Enough of these shylock landlords with their over priced houses taking lives arbitrarily by their greed for more money. I once lived in a house where the landlord put a door under the stairs and rented it out to an ibo man who desparately needed accomodation. You could only enter that room bent over half way to your waist as the height was really low and only children below four could enter without an accident! Government(?) do something, before these landlord's wipe out your citizens. At this rate who will be alive to vote for you come 2015?

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