Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Stunning Photos of Eddie Murphy's Daughter Brai

 This is Eddie Murphy's daughter Bria Murphy 23 and she is an aspiring model with a killer body. She recently revealed that models are drug addicts and have eating disorders just to stay thin. She said most models eat cotton balls dipped in orange juice. The reason she adduced to the fact that it gives you a feeling of being full and dissolves to nothing. So when you think full, you feel full. Huh?
 That is an aside for me apart from the fact that she is a model, I don't understand this craze of naked pictures of girls all over the internet. I feel as if I would be more shocked to see a fully clothed girl's picture now. How does Eddie fell seeing his baby in the buff in public. Old fashioned me, he probably loves it. What do you think? Is it fab or drab? more photos after the cut:

Bria at the BET runway show 2013 in New York

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