Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Nigeria's Oil Tycoon Michael Prest Loses Divorce Ruling To Smart Alec Wifey

The supreme court has unanimously allowed the appeal of Mrs Yasmin Prest British Nigerian wife of business tycoon Michael Yasmin who isncidentally is Nigerian British (so confusing! issorite) ending a 5 year court proceeding in which she sought financial provision from her former husband. they were married in 1993 and had four children. She petitioned for divorce in  March 2008 and Mr Prest resisted her claims for certain properties which he said cannot be transferred to her as they did not belong to him but belonged to a number of companies which had their own separate legal personality, not owned by him. His evidence as to his connection with the companies was rejected by all seven Justices of the Supreme court. She gets £17.5m as divorce settlement. The settlement came about because the Judges concluded that Mr Prest's companies were properties to which she was entitled. He had claimed that  he was worth £48m but she said "No siree, you are really worth more". Then took to the cleaners. She gets 14 companies as part payment of the total sum because the court felt he was unlikely to comply. The companies stand as surety until he complies. She originally sought for £30.4m while he offered a paltry £2m. Smart broad, this is what I call the #Shebang! (singing PSquare's Chop him money)
They have houses in Nigeria, England and even the Caribbeans.
This I hope is his sad face when he hears the ruling because he was not in court  at the judgement hehehehehe

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