Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Boy 9 Shot Dead By Police As He Plays Video Game In His Father's Car

Emotions have been running high in the home of Timilehin Ebun a young boy of nine who was killed by a police stray bullet at Mile 12 end of Ikorodu Road. Reports have it that this young boy was not sick but at the back of his father's car happily playing a video game when all of a sudden he was shot dead in the presence of his parents. The parents are still in a state of shock and are crying out for justice to be served. they also want his body to be released to them so that he can be buried immediately for them to at least have closure. It is equally traumatising because his other brother Jide was coming back from Canada and the family went to bring him back from the airport when the incident occured. When will policemen stop all these accidental discharge and get on with the duty they have been assigned. Can't the IG of police do something about these people and have them properly trained? I hope we have not forgotten the journalist whose house was under attack by robbers and he called the police who came in two hours after the robbers had left, killing his maiguard instantly and putting six bullets into him before asking for the wherabout of the robbers. (robbers thief no wound them, Police send am to hospital, kill person join!)  Are you aware that a robber who was caught recently asked for pardon saying he actually wants to join the police force? (no be die be that?) Please please please oga IG help us to help ourselves before your boys finish naija biko.

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