Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Man Catches Wife having Sex In The Bush And Kills Her

The Lagos State police command has arrested Daniel Kanjo 36 year old bricklayer for killing his 24 year old wife Meno Kanjo in the Ajah area of Lagos State. According to Punch Daniel stabbed his wife after catching her in the bush near their home having sex with another man. More as you continue

After stabbing his wife many times, he turned the knife and stabbed himself in the stomach and neck. He was thought to be dead when neighbours called the police to come and evacuate their corpses, they noticed he was still breathing and rushed him off to the hospital. On his discharge he said it was the work of the devil (satan don suffer for people hand sha) and that he loved his wife dearly. He has of course never laid a hand on hand before this time but lost it when he caught her red handed. Narrating how it happened he said 
"When I heard the sound from the bush I moved nearer and saw my wife having sex with a strange man (he wasn't strange to her though) As I moved closer the man saw me and ran away (sharp guy you were no stranger to him ni) but I was able to grab my wife and I gave her the beating of her life. I did not know what came over me (you say na devil nah) but I took a knife and stabbed her all over her body. Before I realised what happened, the devil also pushed me to stab myself.I stabbed myself in the stomach and also slit my throat. (not well enough obviously, you are still talking)"

He is pleading for leniency since he has two kids 13years and 1 year old now depending on him.

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anderson frank said...

This is hillarious buh dis guy mean sha 4 wat 4kin reason..anywaz god help him