Monday, 29 July 2013

Ayinde Jailed 90 Years After Raping And Impregnating His 6 Daughters

 Award winning music director Aswad Ayinde 55, has been jailed 90 years after being found guilty in the second of five expected trials in which he is accused of raping his six daughters and eventually fathering six chldren by them. His divorced wife accused him of trying to wipe out a pure bloodline by impregnating his daughters. He had earlier claimed that the world was about to end and he and his daughters alone will be sole survivors as the chosen ones. (kolo mental) He began to sexually assault his second daughter when she was only eight, impregnating her four times!
The sexual assaults happened for almost 30 years until his separation from his wife. They occured in numerous homes across Northern New Jersey, under the watchful eyes of  child welfare officials . Some of the rapes it was alleged took place in a funeral home where he beat and starved the girls for minor transgressions and home schooled them to hide his secret. Asides the six living babies two others had died and been buried without notifying authorities. Mr Ayinda fathered twelve other children from three other women. This man has directed music videos for The Fugees 1996 breakout hit "killing me softly" for which he won awards.

Source: Daily Mail

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