Monday, 29 July 2013

Michael Jackson And I Were Gay Lovers Says Scott Thorson

Scott Thorson 54 is claiming that he and Michael Jackson were lovers! He says he began bedding Michael in 1982 after he and Liberace broke up. 

"We broke up in 1982 after Michael swept me off my feet and said he was breaking away from jackson 5 and was going solo. This was when Thriller tour started. My relationship with Michael was short term because Michael became very big at the time and his management team thought it best that it didn't go any further"

 He then said that he and Michael remained friends untill 2009 when Jacko died of drug overdose and blamed plastic surgeons for Michael's woes as he stated that the later started drug abuse because of bodged jobs performed on him. Another talkie talkie don come...when Jacko was alive why did'nt all these crooks show up. Please let this guy whose life was cut short in his prime rest in Peace nde?

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