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"I Cannot Forgive Him" - Winnie Mandela Says Of Global Icon Nelson Mandela

I saw this article in the PUNCH and I loved and enjoyed reading it so much because it made Mandela so human and brought a different facade to this great man who is so globally adored, that I felt I should share this experience with you all. It is not exactly how it was written but I have tried to reproduce it in the best possible way for your pleasure. Now click to continue, the details are on this page as you go on:

The global community has collectively been praying for the good health and speedy recovery of Nelson Mandela. For millions of people around the world he is truly a global citizen, loved, idolised and respected by many. From China to Russia and from Mozambique to Portugal and Chad he has a better name recognition than anyone can think of.
the International community has known some pretty remarkable statesmen but rarely do we see or get to know men who are an embodiment of greatness and all that is noble about humanity. Whether you are standing before him or sitting by his side or watching from afar - you know you are in the company of rarity.
Assuming you don't know or are unappreciative of his greatness all you need do is to read or listen to what's being said about him. He as jailed in Johannesburg's Marshall prison and then to Pretoria before being moved to Robben Island, then on to Cape Town's Pollmoor Prison and finally Victor Verster all between (1962-1990).

While in prison tuberculosis infected his lungs, he also had gallstones removed. At 95 age has taken a toll on his body, yet, he is not bitter as he said in an interview 
"As I walked out of the door towards the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I'd still be in prison. I am not a saint unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying...I have tried not to falter, I have made missteps along the way... Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again".

Now the second of three wives Winnie Mandela, who he divorced after prison told London Evening Standard on 8th March, 2010 that:

"Mandela let us down. He agreed to a bad deal for the blacks. Economically we are still on the outside. The economy is very much 'white'. It has a few token blacks, but so many who gave their life in the struggle have died unrewarded. I cannot forgive him for going to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 with his jailer F. W de Klerk, (its like this woman would have wanted this man to remain in jail. No wonder he divorced her!) hand in hand they went. Do you think de Klerk released him from the goodness of his heart? look at the Truth and Reconciliation charade. He should never have agreed to it. What good does the truth do? How does it help anyone to know where and how their loved ones were killed or buried...? I am not alone. The people of Soweto are still with me. Look what they made him do. the great Mandela. He has no control or say anymore, they put that huge stature of him right in the middle of the most affluent 'white' area of Johannesburg not here where we spilled our blood and where it all started."

Nadira Naipaul the Pakistani journalist and wife of Vidiadhar Naipaul( I was priviledged to read her works as a student in LASU, eat your heart out lol)  wrote in London Evening Standard that:

"It is hard to knock a living legend, only a wife, lover or mistress has that privilege. Only they are privy to the intimate man".
 The purpose of this write up by PUNCH was not to gloat or mock but to beg the question and I particularly love the closure which states clearly that although Mandela is a global icon, no Nigerian, nor African leader since 1990 has emulated him till date. We have imposters, greedy, blood thirsty, stealing, mismanaging & power hungry aristocrats (?) pretending to be saints and democrats. What a waste of resources and leadership. What a waste of Life! 
I agree! If you are a politician and feel slighted proof to us by deed that you dare to be different or forever hold your peace.

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